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Please collect school reports from the school office this week, thanks.

Sandringham Diary Dates

Sandringham Diary Dates are shown below.


School closes at   3.15pm for  Christmas Holidays

06.01.20 School reopens  8.55pm
week beginning 13.01,20

Maths Week

All projects to be in schoolboy Thursday 16th January

14.01.20 Year 2 Afternoon Tea (one parent to attend at 2.30pm)
20.01.20 Year 1 Afternoon Tea (One parent to attend at 2.30pm)
21.01.20 Stay and Play for Nursery
24.01.20 Year 2 Classes 11, 13 & 15 to visit Tower of London
  Reception, Nursery AM & Pm Afternoon Tea (One Parent to attend at 2.30pm)
28.01.20 Class 2 to visit Barking Bus Garage
29.01.20 Year 2 Classes 12 & 14 to visit Tower of London
29.01.20 Class 1 to visit Barking Bus Garage
30.01.20 Class 3 to visit Barking Bus Garage
30.01.20 Inclusion Workshop at 9.15am
31.01.20 Year 2 SATS Talk for Parents at 9.15am
31.01.20 Chinese New Year Presentation in School (pupils and staff only)
31.01.20 Class 4 visit Barking Bus Garage
03.02.20 Class 5 visit Barking Bus Garage
04.02.20 Parents Evening 3.30pm - 5.30pm
06.02.20 Parents Evening 3.30pm - 6.45pm
10.02.20 E-Safety Week
14.02.20 Phonics Talk for Year 1 Parents
17th - 21st February HALF TERM
02.03.20 Year 1 English Experience for Parents
02.03.20 Poet Justin Coe visits
05.03.20 World Book Day and Vocabulary Parade
09.03.20 Year 2 English Experience for Parents
9th - 11th March Freshwater Theatre Company workshop for Reception
Week beginning 16.03.20 Reception Maths Experience for Parents
26.03.20 Inclusion Workshop at 9.15am
31.03.20 Spring Fair (3.30-5.00pm)
03.04.20 Last Day of Spring Term
20.04.20 First Day of Summer Term