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We have changed our school's name to Manor Primary School. Look out for changes to our website.


It is very important that children attend school regularly. Missed school sessions can seriously hinder your child’s education.


If your child is ill, or to be absent from school for any reason, parents must either write or telephone the school office stating the reason. All absences taken as holiday, or without reasonable explanation will be noted as unauthorised absence and will count against your child in his/her attendance record. The governors have decided that fines will be imposed for unauthorised absences of 5 days or more.


Great emphasis is placed on regular attendance and close monitoring takes place on a very regular basis. In order to reward and encourage high levels of attendance the Governing Body has agreed the following:


  • Certificates awarded for individual 100% attendance for a term.
  • An attendance prize will be awarded for individual 100% attendance for a year.
  • A plaque and a certificate are awarded to the class with 100% attendance each week.


Application for holiday leave of absence will be refused in accordance with government and local guidelines. We would ask you to seriously reconsider taking holidays during term time. Further details are listed on the LA’s official application form available from the school office.