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We have changed our school's name to Manor Primary School. Look out for changes to our website.

Art Lessons with Ms Linda

Dear children,


Over the years, we know that you have enjoyed the wonderful opportunity to work regularly with a professional artist, Ms Linda.  We are so proud of the art work that you produce, so we have asked Ms Linda to continue to inspire you during lockdown.  


Ms Linda has made instruction videos to help you get crafty and produce some amazing work.  You will find these step by step videos below.  A new step will be added each week - so check back for the next exciting instalment!


We would really like to see a picture of your awesome art.  If you would like to send us a photo, ask permission from an adult and use the remote learning email addresses to send us a picture of your marvellous creations.

For the 'A Play in a Box project, you will need the following items:

  • Card from cereal packets,
  • a shoe box
  • Paint or felt tips
  • Glue
  • Collage paper (magazines or newspapers are good for this)