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We have changed our school's name to Manor Primary School. Look out for changes to our website.


Manor Longbridge Staff List

April 2024

Executive HeadteacherMrs. A. Tabrett
Longbridge Senior Leadership Team 
Acting Head of SchoolMrs. R. Begum
Acting Deputy Headteacher / SENDCOMrs. F. Danquah
Assistant HeadMr. W. Davis
Acting Assistant Head/KS2 RSLMiss K. Conroy
Mrs. A. SharmaARP Teacher
Mr. K. AliARP Teacher
Mrs. S. AkramMidday Assistant
Mrs. N. FryTeaching Assistant
Mrs. G. MarfoTeaching Assistant
Mrs. B. PatelTeaching Assistant
Mrs. K. StalleyTeaching Assistant
Mrs. S. ZahoorTeaching Assistant
Miss A. StephenTeacher
Miss L. SomervilleNursery Nurse
Mrs. D. WattsNursery Nurse
Mrs. N. WhiteNursery Nurse
Class 1 
Mr. J. WallaceTeacher
Miss D. MoretTeaching Assistant
Class 2 
Mr. F. PedroliTeacher
Class 3 
Mrs. H. PopatTeacher
Mrs. D. O'MahoneyTeaching Assistant
Miss S. CrossleyReception Midday Assistants
Mrs. A. Khan
Mrs. S. Masood
Mrs. U. Rahman
Class 4 
Mrs. J. BegumTeacher
Mrs. N. NazirTeaching Assistant
Mrs. N. NazirMidday Assistant
Class 5 
Mrs. K. DukesTeacher
Mrs. S. BegumTeaching Assistant
Mrs. S. BegumMidday Assistant
Class 6 
Mrs. L. BecklesTeacher
Mrs. O. CakolliTeaching Assistant
Mrs. O. CakolliMidday Assistant
Class 7 
Mrs. J. FerdousTeacher
Mrs. A. ChanaTeacher
Mrs. S. TungTeaching Assistant
Mrs. S. TungMidday Assistant
Class 8 
Miss S. AttaliaTeacher
Mrs. A. DietzTeaching Assistant
Miss S. CohenMidday Assistant
Class 9 
Mrs. M. BallesterosTeacher
Mrs. R. BegumTeaching Assistant
Mrs. R. BegumMidday Assistant
Class 10 
Mrs. L. SkeatTeacher
Mrs. S. BanceMidday Assistant
Class 11 
Mr. D. SalesTeacher
Mrs. H. BokhariMidday Assistant
Class 12 
Miss C. FinneganTeacher
Mrs A. WalshTeacher
Mrs. L. MemonMidday Assistant
Mrs. S. BanceYear Three Teaching Assistants
Miss L. Vorley
Class 13 
Mrs. S. AhmedTeacher
Mrs. K. BegumTeacher
Mrs. R. BegumMidday Assistant
Class 14 
Mr. A. IqbalTeacher
Mrs. T. WarishaullyMidday Assistant
Class 15 
Mrs. J. HaggerTeacher
Mrs. Y. IshfaqMidday Assistant
Mrs. Y. IshfaqYear Four Teaching Assistants
Mrs. T. Warishaully
Class 16 
Mr. A. HornerTeacher
Mrs. R. HaqueMidday Assistant
Class 17 
Miss E. LongTeacher
Mrs. A. LethbridgeMidday Assistant
Class 18 
Ms. L. NazarTeacher
Mrs. R. HaqueMidday Assistant
Mrs. R. HaqueYear Five Teaching Assistants
Mrs. R. Rahman
Class 19 
Miss K. SahotaTeacher
Miss D. AtkinsonTeaching Assistant
Class 20 
Mrs. N. DilmohamudTeacher
Mrs. L. HuggettTeaching Assistant
Class 21 
Mrs. N. RileyTeacher
Mr. W. DavisTeacher
Mrs. I. RobertsonMidday Assistant
Mrs. A. LethbridgeYear Six Teaching Assistants
Mrs. I. Robertson
SEND, Inclusion and EAL Support
Mrs. F. DanquahSENDCO
Mrs. M. AfzalSEN Teaching Assistant
Mrs. S. AkterSEN Teaching Assistant
Miss D. AtkinsonSEN Teaching Assistant
Mrs. H. BokhariSEN Teaching Assistant
Miss D. CassarSEN Teaching Assistant
Mrs. R. ChattiSEN Teaching Assistant
Mrs. K. DrainSEN Teaching Assistant
Mrs. J. DrakeSEN Teaching Assistant
Miss V. FerrierSEN Teaching Assistant
Miss N. FrySEN Teaching Assistant
Mrs. E. GasperSEN Teaching Assistant
Mrs. L. HuggettSEN Teaching Assistant
Ms. R. IncagnoliSEN Teaching Assistant
Mrs. N. KhanSEN Teaching Assistant
Mrs. K. LeachSEN Teaching Assistant
Mrs. L. MemonSEN Teaching Assistant
Mrs. S. NomanSEN Teaching Assistant
Mrs. M. PraveenSEN Teaching Assistant
Mrs. G. RohimSEN Teaching Assistant
Mrs. E. SakyiamahSEN Teaching Assistant
Miss L. SomervilleSEN Teaching Assistant
Non-Class Based Support
Mrs. E. DudliNon Class Based Teacher
Mrs. G. GillespieNon Class Based Teacher
Mr. M. HilaliNon Class Based Teacher
Mr. K. O'KeeffeNon Class Based Teacher
Miss E. PatersonPE Specialist
Miss C. DargelosFrench Specialist 
Mrs. A. DietzMidday Assistant Lead
Mr. C. MarriottNetwork Manager and Senior Technician
Mr. A. PreshawAssistant ICT and Media Technician
Mrs. N. KhanomSafeguarding Coordinator
Mrs. L. WhiteheadParent Support Advisor
Mr. S. AkramSchool Business Manager
Miss N. JonesOffice Manager
Mrs. M. KendrickFinance Officer
Mrs. D. PughAttendance Officer
Miss C. BrownOffice Administrator
Mr. N. GibbonsCaretaker
Miss V. FerrierWebsite Coordinator
Miss J. BrasierCleaning Supervisor
Mrs. E. AbdullahCleaner
Mrs. N. AndreCleaner
Mrs. E. ArcherCleaner
Mrs. A. PeckCleaner
Mrs. J. ThomasCleaner