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Remote learning is available within the 'Children' section of this website. Limited provision will be available for children of critical workers and vulnerable children. Please see the COVID page on this website (within Key Information) for more details...


Acting Executive Headteacher

Mrs A Tabrett

 Head of School

Mrs T McGorrighan
Acting Deputy Headteacher Miss M Reehal
Assistant  Headteacher Ms F James




Teaching Assistant

Midday Assistant

Class 1

Mrs S Willans

Ms J Swinyard

Mrs Y Shahzad

Class 2

Mrs Z Hussein/

Mrs K Baker

Mrs R Uddin

Mrs R Rahman

Class 3

Mr G Hudson

Mrs C Wells Mrs T Bibi

Class 4

Miss N Shergool

(Team Leader)

Ms C Melish

Mrs R Piticaru

Class 5

Miss E Sullivan

Ms K Stone

Mrs H Kasana

Class 6

Miss U George

Mrs R Rathaur

Mrs R Rathaur

Class 7

Miss Z Kadhim

Mrs Z Rahman

Mrs Z Rahman

Class 8

Miss C Lock

Mrs S Qaiser Mrs S Qaiser
Class 9

Mrs D Kelynack

Mrs R Rawther Mrs R Rawther

Class 10

Miss S Bhamra

(Team Leader)

Mrs A Webster Mrs A Webster

Class 11

Miss S McNally

Mrs N Gaymer Mrs N Gaymer

Class 12

Mrs K Begum

Mrs P McBurnie

Mrs S Mushtaq

Class 13

Ms B Adedokun

Mrs S Alam

Mrs S Alam

Class 14

Mr C Downes

Mrs D Ward

Mrs R Khan

Class 15

Miss R O’Malley

Mrs S Mushtaq

Mrs S Mushtaq


PPA Teachers

  Miss M Reehal, Mrs Z Hussein, Mrs A Jones, Ms F James (Year 2 Lead)

P.E. Specialist

  Miss E Patterson


Nursery Teachers

Nursery Nurses

Mrs R Azzouz,


 Mrs J Vadher, Miss J Gregory,

Ms M Addae, Ms C Olma, Ms M Hanlon


Inclusion Manager

SEN Teaching Assistants

Mrs J Bassi

Mrs P Miller, Mrs J O’Hara

Mrs D Cossington, Mrs C Davey, Mrs S Whyte,

Mrs B Patel,  Mrs H Mayet, Mrs S Haque,

Mrs S Lollmohamed, Mrs K Huda, Mrs T Akram, Mrs A Nessa, Mrs J Kaur


 ICT Technician

ICT Assistant Technician

Mr C Marriott

Mrs S Miller


Assistant Office Manager

Office Administrators

Mrs K Kelly Mrs A Dickens, Mrs S Saxby

Parent Support Adviser

Safeguarding Lead

Mrs L Whitehead Mr M Johnson



Mr T Davey

Mrs C Sharma, Mrs A Liddell,

Mrs R Piticaru, Mrs B Sahota

Cook KItchen Staff
Mrs B Wiseman

Mrs F Batoua, Mrs C Sharma,

Mrs A Uzoka, Mrs E Azeezodusoga


Midday Chargehand

Midday Support

Mrs A Farooq, Mrs I Sharif

Mrs K Atkinson

Mrs S Janaka