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We have changed our school's name to Manor Primary School. Look out for changes to our website.


A virtual assembly on Children's Mental Health Day


Children's Mental Health Week 2021 Virtual Assembly - Assemblies - Oak National Academy (





The Squiggle Game


(151) The Squiggle Game - Children's Mental Health Week 2021 - YouTube



This activity helps children to express themselves non-verbally.

Write a couple of feelings on some cards such as, happily, angrily, sadly, annoyingly, carefully. Put the cards into a hat and ask your child to choose a card. They need to mime the feeling and incorporate it into an action. You and the rest of the family have guess what they are doing and what feeling they are expressing!




Allow your child to make music using items around the house such as a tin box or spoons to name a few. Allow them to have fun and most of all allow them to EXPRESS THEMSELVES!