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Welcome to the Manor Infants / Longbridge School Website.

Remote Education Overview

Below is an overview of the remote education that we are providing during the Covid-19 pandemic.  The actual learning materials will be uploaded to the 'Home Learning' section of our website (click here to visit this page now). 


Our Remote Education


At Manor Infant/Longbridge, we aim to provide all our children with a challenging, engaging safe environment which promotes a lifelong love of learning, be that at school or remotely.

  1. Our remote learning will assist both parents & carers to support their child’s learning and provide resources to help close gaps.
  2. Provide an education for those who cannot come to school because they are self-isolating, but are well enough to access school work.
  3. Provide an education for all should we be in a lockdown situation.


At Manor Infant/Longbridge we use the following to support learning:

Purple Mash is used as our main source of contact. Overtime, as the children become more familiar with it, they will be able to contact their class teacher via an online blog. Regular work is set by their class teacher as ‘2dos’ for the children to access and consolidate their learning. In addition, we use MyMaths to support the teaching of maths. Here you will find homework that has been set to target your child’s learning, as well as MyMaths lessons that your child can choose to do as revision for any topics they may be unsure of.

Active Learn (Bug Club) provides your child with access to a range of both fiction and non-fiction books that provide targeted reading and comprehension questions at differentiated levels.

Other useful websites that we recommend:



Full or Partial Lockdown:

Communication between home and school is pivotal for the success of your child. Each year group has a dedicated email that will be checked regularly in the event of a full or partial lockdown. Click here to access these addresses.  Your child’s class teacher will contact your child via the phone to ensure they are confident with any work that has been provided and their login details.

Our Mission


Self-Isolating, but well



To provide additional learning support to close any gaps that your child may have in their learning.

To provide pupils that are well enough to work, but cannot come to school because they are self-isolating with structured support at home.

To provide an education for pupils if a lockdown has been put in place by the local authority or the government.

Our Role as a School

The school will be open to all pupils.


The school will provide children with login information and educate them on how to access online materials. For example, Purple Mash.

The school will continue to teach pupils that are able to attend school, whilst providing online material for those pupils that are self-isolating.



If a ‘bubble’ has to be sent home, or there is an official lockdown, the school will provide daily lessons and activities for children that will be targeted appropriately.



The Role of the Pupil

To access the tasks provided and complete the activities that have been set.

To access the tasks provided and complete the activities that have been set.


Pupils may receive a message from their class teacher via Purple Mash, email or phone.

Access the daily links on either the school website or via Purple Mash. Pupils should complete all the daily learning activities.


Pupils may receive a message from their class teacher via Purple Mash, email or phone.