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School is now closed for the Summer Holiday. School reopens for pupils on Tuesday 5th September. HAPPY HOLIDAYS !!

Sandringham Diary Dates

Sandringham Diary Dates are shown below.

Fri 9th June Class 14 Trip to Barking Park
Mon 12th June Class 11 Trip to Barking Park

W/B 12th June 

Phonics Testing for Year 1

Tues 13th June Class 15 Trip to Barking Park
Wed 14th June Class 12 Trip to Barking Park

Thur 15th June 

Bollywood Dance Festival

Fri 16th June Class 13 Trip to Barking Park

W/B 19th June

Science Week

W/B 26th June PE Week

Wed 28th June

Reception Trip to Barleylands

Thur 29th June

Reception Trip to Barleylands

Fri 30th June  School Reports To Parents

Fri 23rd June

 Reception Sports Day
Mon 26th June Year 2 Sports Day
Tues 27th June

Year 1 Sports Day

3rd July

Reception Parent Consultations

4th July Year 1 Parent Consultations
5th July Nursery Parent Consultations
5th July Coffee Morning  - Changing Year Groups
6th July Evening Parent Consultations for All Year Groups
7th July Year 2 Parent Consultations
  Fri 7th July  Nursery AM Sports Day
Fri 7th July

  Nursery PM Sports Day

Tues 11th July Year 1 Sports Day (new date)
Fri 13th July Coffee Morning - Oral Hygiene
Fri 14th July   Leavers Concert Class 14 at 9.30am.
Fri 14th July   Leavers Concert Class 15 at 2.15pm.
Mon 17th July   Leavers Concert Class 13 at 9.30am.

Mon 17th July

 Leavers Concert Class 12 at 2.15pm.

Tues 18th July Leavers Concert Class 11 at 9.30am.
Thurs 20th July Last day of Term