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School is now closed for the Summer Holiday. School reopens for pupils on Tuesday 5th September. HAPPY HOLIDAYS !!

Concerts / Assemblies

Picture 1 PM Bumble Bee, Spider & Butterfly Summer Concert
Picture 2 PM Caterpillar & Ladybird Summer Concert
Picture 3 AM Caterpillar & Ladybird Summer Concert
Picture 4 AM Bumble Bee,Spider and Butterfly Summer Concert
Picture 5 AM Sports Day
Picture 6 PM SPorts Day
Picture 7 Reception celebrated Eid
Picture 8 Year 1 Recited an Eid poem
Picture 9 Year 2 explained the Five Pillars
Picture 10 Reception Sports Day
Picture 11 Hurdles
Picture 12 Balancing the beanbags on heads
Picture 13 Reception dressed in red for Red Nose Day
Picture 14 Reception dressed up for World Book Day
Picture 15 Reception Assemblies
Picture 16 Showing our model making skills
Picture 17 Showing painting skills
Picture 1 The Choir join in with the actions
Picture 2 Chinese New Year Assembly
Picture 3 Chinese Dragon
Picture 4 Reception celebrate Chinese New Year
Picture 5 The School production of Cinderella
Picture 6 Cinderella
Picture 7 Cinderella meets the Prince
Picture 8 A Happy Ending
Picture 9 We liked playing instruments
Picture 10 Bnumble Bee, Spider and Butterfly PM concert
Picture 11 Our favourite songs
Picture 12 Nursery AM Christmas Concert
Picture 13 Christmas Concert Ladybird and Caterpillar PM
Picture 14 Ladybird and Caterpillar AM Christmas Concert
Picture 15 Year 2 Christmas production
Picture 16 Year 2 Christmas production
Picture 17 Musicans
Picture 18 Year 1 Christmas Concert
Picture 19 Twinkle Twinkle Christmas Star (2)
Picture 20 Musicans
Picture 21 Jingle Bells
Picture 22 Christmas Crackers
Picture 23 Christmas Conga
Picture 24 Reception Classes 3,4,& 5 Christmas Concert
Picture 25 Reception Classes 1 & 2 Christmas Concert
Picture 26 Black History Celebrations
Picture 27 Black History Celebrations
Picture 28 Black History Celebrations
Picture 29 Black History Celebrations
Picture 30 Reception enjoyed their end of year parties
Picture 31 Butterfly, Bumble Bee and Spider PM concert
Picture 32 Butterfly, Bumble Bee and Spider AM concert
Picture 33
Picture 34