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Meet the Governors

Welcome to our Governors’ section.

The Governing Body


The Governing Body has agreed with all staff the following:


  • All those involved at school should feel happy, secure, valued and comfortable.  School should be an enjoyable, exciting and rewarding place to be.
  • People are individuals and as such each should be allowed/able to achieve their full potential, improving on their own standards.
  • Relationships should reflect and encourage respect, trust and self esteem.  An air of success and dignity will encourage friendship.
  • Supportive teams will engender high morale throughout the school.
  • The importance of good role models will not be taken for granted within any group.
  • There will not be complacency about high standards, but a continuing review and willingness to move on to greater achievements in all aspects of school life.


Please note that these are not in any order of priority or preference.


Local Authority Member



Local Authority Representative   

Mr C Drain (Chair)                                              

Co-opted Governors  

 Mr T Wijesuriya

Mr M Leonard

Mr K Haroon
Mr M O'Malley

Mrs M Sultana

Mr M Khan


Elected Parent Governors
Mrs A Begum

Mrs S Dar (Vice Chair)

Associate Governors
Mrs K Kelly 

Mr D Singleton

Elected Staff Governor

Mrs K Baker


Executive Headteacher

Mrs T A McGorrighan (3days)


Acting Executive Headteacher

Mrs A Tabrett (2days)