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Year 6 Leavers party Thursday 18th at 5pm. Year 6 Leavers Assembly Friday 19th July at 9:30am. Last day of Term Friday 19th July at 3:15pm. We return to school on Thursday 5th September. We wish you all safe and relaxing break and look forward to seeing you all in the New Term.


Executive Headteacher

Mrs T McGorrighan

Acting Executive Headteacher

Mrs A Tabrett

(2 days per week)

Acting Head of School

Mrs D Gurden
Acting Deputy Headteacher Miss M Reehal 
Assistant  Headteacher Miss F James




Teaching Assistant

Midday Assistant

Class 1

Mrs S Willans

Ms C Mellish

Miss C O’Brien

Class 2

Mrs Z Hussein/

Mrs Medway-Gash

Mrs J Davies

Mrs S Janakan

Class 3

Miss Z Kadhim

Mrs C Wells

Mrs R Rahman

Class 4

Miss N Shergool

Ms K Stone

Mrs S Alam

Class 5

Miss E Sullivan

Mrs S Begun

Miss C O’Brien

Class 6

Miss L Collier

Mrs A Webster

Mrs A Webster

Class 7

Miss S McNally

Mrs Z Rahman

Mrs Z Rahman

Class 8

Mr C Downes

Mrs S Qaiser

Mrs S Qaiser

Class 9

Mrs D Kelynack

Mrs R Rawther

Mrs R Rawther

Class 10

Miss S Bhamra

Mrs R Rathaur

Mrs R Rathaur

Class 11

Miss A Grogan

Mrs S Mushtaq

Mrs S Mushtaq

Class 12

Mrs K Begum

Mrs D Ward

Mrs R Khan

Class 13

Miss U George

Mrs J Scanes

Mrs J Scanes

Class 14

Miss C Lock

Mrs P McBurnie

Mrs P McBurnie

Class 15

Miss R O’Malley

Mrs N Gaymer

Mrs N Gaymer


PPA Teachers

  Miss M Reehal, Miss F James, Mrs H Medway-Gash, Mr M Goodyear


Nursery Teachers

Nursery Nurses

Mrs R Azzouz, Mr G Hudson

Miss C Olma , Mrs J Vadher,

Mrs M Addae, Miss J Gregory,


Inclusion Manager

SEN Teaching Assistants

Mrs J Bassi

Mrs C Oldroyd, Mrs P Miller, Mrs J O’Hara

Mrs D Cossington, Mrs C Davey, Mrs S Whyte,

Miss R Armaah, Mrs S Huda, Mrs S Haque,

Ms H Stafford, Mrs S Lollmohamed, Mrs K Huda,

Mrs C Maisuria, Mrs T Akram, Mrs R Uddin 


IT Technician

IT Assistant Technician

Mr C Marriott

Mrs S Miller


Assistant Office Manager

Office Administrators

Mrs K Kelly Mrs P Busby, Mrs A Dickens

Parent Support Adviser

Safeguarding Lead

Mrs L Whitehead Mr M Johnson



Midday Chargehand

Midday Support

Mrs A Farooq, Mrs I Sharif

Mrs K Atkinson

Miss J Mottley