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Phased reopening - we will reopen for Reception children on 08/06/20; Year Six (at Manor Longbridge) on 11/06/20 and Year One on 15/06/20. We will plan for other year groups later in the term. Key worker childcare is not affected. See for more details (within the Key Information section of this website)...


Picture 1 Science week begins with the Owls
Picture 2 Sending the owl to fly
Picture 3 We had a photo with the Barn Owl
Picture 4 Dinosaurs visit school
Picture 5 Meeting Jack the Baby Raptor
Picture 6 Saying hello to Molly the TRex
Picture 7 A very enjoyable experience
Picture 8 The T Rex's tail helps him balance
Picture 9 Our own Jurassic period moment
Picture 10 Jaws and Claws
Picture 11 Holding a snake
Picture 12 The Giant Snail
Picture 13 Finding the Giant Snail was slimy
Picture 14 Holding a tree frog
Picture 15 Everyone was gentle with the creatures
Picture 16 The Bearded Dragon was very friendly
Picture 17 The snake skin had beautiful colours
Picture 18 The skin was surprisingly soft