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RE General Information

Religious Education at Manor Infant School follows the legal requirements laid down in the 1988 Education Act and is taught to every registered pupil according to the Agreed Syllabus published by the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham.


Within the curriculum, Religious Education encompasses a wide spectrum of topics which encourage children to learn from the diversity of different religions, beliefs, values and traditions, whilst still affirming their own faith or search for meaning. Manor Infant Schools relevant and thought-provoking schemes of work, challenge pupils to reflect on, consider, analyse, interpret and evaluate issues of truth, belief, faith and morality, and allow them to communicate their responses.


Religious Education is a valued subject at Manor Infant School. It is seen as a subject which plays an integral role in preparing pupils for adult life and employment, by enabling them to develop respect and sensitivity to others, in particular those with different faiths and beliefs. It therefore works towards combating prejudice and negative discrimination.


Related to Religious Education, daily collective assemblies are also an important and valued aspect of the Manor Infant School community. They provide the school community with an opportunity to think, feel, be informed about, and consider things that are important. The assemblies consider a wide spectrum of moral and social issues such as friendship, honesty, feelings, listening and safety, to name a few. During these collective assemblies an Act of Worship, central to the ethos of the school, is undertaken, providing pupils with an opportunity to reflect upon the beliefs and values which bind the school together.


Whilst Religious Education is seen as an integral part of a pupils’ education at Manor Infant School it should be noted that parents may withdraw their children from Religious Education lessons and/or the Daily Act of Collective Worship by request.