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Our Value of the month is ‘patience’. In class and during assembly time we will be discussing what it means to have patience. Some of the ways that we can show patience is:

  • Showing thumbs to chest and waiting for an adult to choose you.
  • Not snatching a toy when you want it but asking for a turn and waiting.
  • Not interrupting someone when they are speaking but waiting until they have finished.
  • Waiting and taking their turn during a game.
  • Waiting for something to happen without demanding to have it now.

At home, you can discuss the following:

-How does it make you feel when you have to wait for something?

- How do you think it would make someone feel if you interrupt them and not wait your turn?

-Why should you be patient?

- What would happen if no one had patience?


Share a poem

Life Is Patience
Poet: Julie Hebert, (c) 2012

To live how we want,
And to do what we please.
Can sometimes be tough,
And not done with great ease.

Life works in many ways,
Some good and some bad.
Which stops us in our tracks,
And makes us real mad.

We can't all get,
What we want right away.
And waiting is needed,
To show us the way.

So learn the lesson now,
That some never learn.
Waiting patiently,
Will allow you your turn.


Read a story


The ugly Ducking- When you have to wait to be beautiful. Things do not always happen overnight.


How to catch a star- Things take time if you really want them to happen.

Listen to

Take that- Patience


What can I do at home?


-Save up for something. Encourage your child to put money aside and wait for something they really want.

-When your child asks for the TV- encourage them to do their reading or homework first. Help them to learn they have to wait for these activities.

-Play a game as a family. Encourage your child to wait for their turn during the game and discuss that it is important to wait our turn so everyone can play and have fun.