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We have changed our school name to Manor Primary School. Look out for changes to our website.

Walk to School Week 15th – 19th May 2023

Dear Parents and Carers

This year we will be taking part in ‘Walk to School Week’. This is a week where we encourage children and staff to travel to and from school in a sustainable and healthy way. There are lots of ways you can join in Walk to School Week, even if you don’t normally walk to school such as:

Park and Stride – if you live far away and normally drive, why not park your car a little further away and walk the last bit of the journey.

Cycling – You could cycle or scoot to school. Remember your helmets! Walking has so many benefits from physical to mental wellbeing. It helps aids concentration and creativity in the classroom which then creates safer, less polluted and more welcoming streets. This leads to a happy and healthy child set up for success in and out of the classroom. At the end of the week, children who have made five active travel journeys will receive a reward.

Kind regards,

Miss Kadhim and Mr Horner

Healthy Schools and Travel Plan Coordinators