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Remote learning is available within the 'Children' section of this website. Limited provision will be available for children of critical workers and vulnerable children. Please see the COVID page on this website (within Key Information) for more details...

Covid-19 Coronavirus

We will use this page to share information about the Covid-19 Coronavirus outbreak and details about how the school will operate.

Registering for school-based provision during the school closure

While the school is closed, school-based provision will be available for children of critical workers and vulnerable children.  All families who need to access school based provision MUST register each week to enable us to plan effectively.


WB 1st March

Please make sure you use the correct form. Both forms will close at 10am on Sunday 28th February.


If you are a critical worker and wish your child to attend school based provision, please click here to access the critical worker registration form for 1st - 5th March.  If you have a child with an EHCP or has been invited, who you wish to attend school based provision, please click here to access the EHCP or invited registration form for 1st - 5th March.

Contacting us about Covid-19

Please let us know about any positive Covid-19 tests in your household.  To do this, please email the address shown below.

January 2021 - Limited reopening

We sent out letters via ParentHub with information about arrangements for the limited reopening from January 5th until further notice.  In case you missed this, copies can be found below.  Be sure to select the correct site since the details vary slightly.  

Parent Hub

We use our ParentHub app to send out updates.  If you do not have ParentHub, please click here to find out how you can download it and register as a parent so you receive the most up to date information as easily as possible.  

Home Learning 

If your child needs to self-isolate due to the Covid-19 restrictions, we will provide home learning materials to help them continue to learn while they are away from school.  


For children in individual families affected by the need to self-isolate, home learning materials will be provided directly to you.  Please email or call the office to let us know if you require home learning support for your child. 


For children in bubbles or groups that have been asked to self-isolate by the school, information about home learning materials will be posted within the 'Home Learning' section of this website which is within the 'Children' section.  Please click here to visit this page now.  

Family Resources

Click here or use the link below to visit a page with links to resources that may be of use for your family.  The page contains a presentation from Mrs Whitehead, our Parent Support Advisor, about helping your family to re-establish routine and prepare for the return to school in September.  There are also other resources including ideas about talking to your child about the current Covid-19 Coronavirus outbreak, staying safe while online and other advice.

To access information about the Covid-19 Coronavirus, please visit the NHS website by clicking here.  This includes information about symptoms, how to avoid spreading the virus and how / when to self isolate.  


If you believe you have symptoms of Coronavirus, please contact the NHS using the 111 web service which can be found by clicking here.  Only call 111 if you are unable to access information online.  If you believe there is an immediate threat to life call 999.




If you develop symptoms while your child is attending childcare with us, please phone the school immediately.  


School reopening information:

We are really looking forward to welcoming back all of our children in September - we have missed you! Click below to see the information we have sent out about September.