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Please collect school reports from the school office this week, thanks.

Covid-19 Coronavirus

We will use this page to share information about the Covid-19 Coronavirus outbreak and the school closure.

We have written to families about our phased reopening - this letter can be found below.  


School closure information:

Our school is CLOSED to children from most year groups (see above).  We are offering limited childcare ONLY to certain children.  Unless you have been contacted by the school, anyone who feels that they qualify as a key worker MUST REGISTER EACH WEEK TO USE THIS FACILITY. This is to show which day you will require childcare.  The latest form is available here.  


School Reports

School reports will be available to collect from school on Wednesday 8th July.  Please click here to visit a web form where you can leave a comment or tell us if you would like a phone call to discuss your child's report with the teacher.   


Free School Meals

If your child is entitled to benefit-related Free School Meals (FSM), please click here to make a request to be included in the grocery voucher scheme during the school closure.  If you have not yet applied to receive FSM but would like to, please click here to find out more.  


Please visit the page below to find resources that may be of use for your family.  These include ideas about talking to your child about the current Covid-19 Coronavirus outbreak, staying safe while online and advice about self-isolating.  

If you are looking for the home study materials, for children who normally attend our school, please click here


To view the government's guidelines for providers of childcare during the Covid-19 Coronavirus outbreak, please click here.  This guidance includes information about who can be considered key workers and when to access the childcare. 


To access information about the Covid-19 Coronavirus, please visit the NHS website by clicking here.  This includes information about symptoms, how to avoid spreading the virus and how / when to self isolate.  


If you believe you have symptoms of Coronavirus, please contact the NHS using the 111 web service which can be found by clicking here.  Only call 111 if you are unable to access information online.  If you believe there is an immediate threat to life call 999.




If you develop symptoms while your child is attending childcare with us, please phone the school immediately.