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Welcome to Manor Longbridge/Infants!


Picture 1 Autumn collage at the sticking table
Picture 2 Balancing blocks
Picture 3 Balancing independently
Picture 4 Building
Picture 5 Can you match the animals
Picture 6 Caring for my baby
Picture 7 Caring for the dollies in the home area
Picture 8 Construction
Picture 9 Dress-up
Picture 10 Exploring paint-getting messy!
Picture 11 Good balancing!
Picture 12 How loud can you be
Picture 13 Learning to cut
Picture 14 Listening to stories
Picture 15 Magnetic letters and numbers (1)
Picture 16 Making a house
Picture 17 Making music
Picture 18 Mark making
Picture 19 Numicon
Picture 20 Painting at the easel
Picture 21 Painting the road, no cars allowed
Picture 22 Playdough
Picture 23 Playing with the cars
Picture 24 Reading
Picture 25 Retelling the story Three Little Pigs
Picture 26 Riding around obstacles in the garden
Picture 27 Riding number 5 bike
Picture 28 Role play
Picture 29 Sharing resources with friends
Picture 30 Small world play
Picture 31 Snack time
Picture 32 Team at work -digging
Picture 33 Teamwork to complete a puzzle
Picture 34 Using the computer
Picture 35 We love a story