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Picture 1 Father Christmas surprised us on Party day
Picture 2 Year 1 and 2 had some tricky questions
Picture 3 The Children were excited to meet Father Christmas
Picture 4 Nursery enjoyed santas visit
Picture 5 Reception Christmas Party
Picture 6 Barking Dog Theatre Group
Picture 7 Sleeping Beauty and the Noisy Prince
Picture 8 Reception joined in to help the Prince
Picture 9 He's behind you!
Picture 10 Receptions Phonics Experience
Picture 11 Using our phonic skills
Picture 12 Reception enjoyed the Math's Workshop
Picture 13 Recognising 2D shapes and their properties
Picture 14 Working as ateam to build a cube
Picture 15 Reception asked the Mayor lots of questions
Picture 1 Science Week - It's only water or is it?
Picture 2 Science week - the Bubble show
Picture 3 Reception were amazed to see the bubble growing
Picture 4 A Nursery friend inside an enormous bubble
Picture 5 Thank you to Asda for the £200 cheque
Picture 6 Reception investigate the growing caterpillars
Picture 7 Reception Sport's Day
Picture 8 Careful balancing
Picture 9 A race with the dollies
Picture 10 The sibling race
Picture 11 Nursery PM Sport's Day
Picture 12 Nursery PM Sport's Day
Picture 1 Nursery learnt about the Life Cycle of a chick
Picture 2 Nursery were very excited to hold the chicks
Picture 3 The Spring Fayre
Picture 4 Crafts were enjoyed by many!
Picture 5 Balloon modelling was very popular
Picture 6 Face painting - Superhero or pirate or princess?
Picture 7 Take a chance and buy a raffle ticket!
Picture 8 The food was delicous
Picture 1 Pastor Lee spoke about the meaning of Easter
Picture 2 Parents were invited to a maths experienc
Picture 3 Adding and taking away
Picture 4 What is two more than...?
Picture 5 Adding single digit numbers
Picture 6 Nursery enjoyed the Freshwater Theatre session
Picture 7 Freshwater Theatre Company
Picture 8 Reception joined in acting out Fairytales
Picture 9 Reception learnt how to cross the road safely
Picture 10 Stop, Look, Listen before crossing the road.
Picture 1 Using shapes with captain Mogan for Maths Week
Picture 2 Reception enjyed the shape game
Picture 3 Reception Phonic Experience
Picture 4 Reception Christmas Party
Picture 5 Having fun at the party
Picture 6 Cool Moves
Picture 7 A lovely surprise to meet Santa
Picture 8 Father Christmas came to visit
Picture 9 Pastor Jonny came to talk to KS1
Picture 10 Reception Enjoyed the Theatre Group performance
Picture 11 Cinderella and the Silly Sisters
Picture 12 Reception enjoyed the Dance-a-thon

Ian Bland- Poet

Ian Bland- Poet 1
Ian Bland- Poet 2
Ian Bland- Poet 3
Ian Bland- Poet 4
Ian Bland- Poet 5
Ian Bland- Poet 6
Ian Bland- Poet 7
Ian Bland- Poet 8
Ian Bland- Poet 9
Ian Bland- Poet 10
Ian Bland- Poet 11
Ian Bland- Poet 12
Ian Bland- Poet 13
Ian Bland- Poet 14
Ian Bland- Poet 15
Ian Bland- Poet 16
Ian Bland- Poet 17
Ian Bland- Poet 18
Ian Bland- Poet 19
Ian Bland- Poet 20
Ian Bland- Poet 21
Ian Bland- Poet 22
Ian Bland- Poet 23
Ian Bland- Poet 24
Ian Bland- Poet 25
Ian Bland- Poet 26
Ian Bland- Poet 27
Ian Bland- Poet 28
Ian Bland- Poet 29
Ian Bland- Poet 30
Ian Bland- Poet 31
Ian Bland- Poet 32
Ian Bland- Poet 33
Ian Bland- Poet 34
Ian Bland- Poet 35
Ian Bland- Poet 36
Ian Bland- Poet 37
Ian Bland- Poet 38


2017 1 Sports Week -Reception plays 'Boccia'
2017 2 Kurling was our favourite game
2017 3 Learning facts about owls
2017 4 Meeting the owls
2017 5 Jaws and Claws
2017 6 Meeting new creatures
2017 7 Reception enjoyed the Drama Workshop
2017 8 Reception parents watched a Maths Session
2017 9 Poet Ian Bland came to visit Year 2
2017 10 Poet Ian Bland came to visit Year 2
2017 11 Poet Ian Bland came to visit Year 2