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Welcome to Reception!


Your teacher will very soon be filling this page with exciting class news, pictures of things we’ve done and more.


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Picture 1 Meeting Jojo the dog
Picture 2 BarleylandsFarm
Picture 3 Everyone enjoyed the Tractor Ride
Picture 4 Feeding the goats
Picture 5 Feeding the sheep
Picture 6 Grinding the grain to make flour
Picture 7 Making bread
Picture 1 Reception Eid Assembly
Picture 2 We made crafts and talked about Eid
Picture 3 A selection of Science Week projects
Picture 4 Sports Day begins
Picture 5 Balancing the quoit
Picture 6 Changing jackets was very tricky
Picture 7 A water break to stop us getting dehydrated!
Picture 8 The siblings race
Picture 9 Investigating how the caterpillars have grown
Picture 10 The caterpillars have made a chrysalis
Picture 11 The butterflies emerge from the cocoon
Picture 12 Releasing the butterflies
Picture 13 The butterflies like the green T-shirt
Picture 14 Creating a caterpillar and garden in lego
Picture 1 Science Week - Bubble Show
Picture 2 What shape is a bubble?
Picture 3 The bubbles are getting bigger ...
Picture 4 And bigger!!
Picture 5 Science Week - It's only water or is it?
Picture 6 Keen to answer questions
Picture 7 Explaining why a nappy can hold a lot of liquid
Picture 8 Did the water come out of the cup?
Picture 9 Getting Wet!
Picture 10 Helping with an experiment
Picture 11 Adding water and somthing special
Picture 12 The tubes went pop!!
Picture 13 Investigating the Lifecycle of a Caterpillar
Picture 14 We have been discussing oral hygiene
Picture 15 Looking for pea pods on the plant
Picture 16 Harvesting peas
Picture 1 Reception Royal Wedding Oicnic Lunch
Picture 2 Crowns, rosettes and flags to celebrate!
Picture 3 Class 1's Summer Assembly
Picture 4 Class 2 Summer Assembly
Picture 5 Class 3's Summer Assembly
Picture 6 Class 4's Summer Assembly
Picture 7 Class 5's Summer Assembly
Picture 8 We can say 'Hello' in different languages
Picture 9 We shared facts about the Solar System
Picture 10 Not all planets are the same size
Picture 11 Naming the properties of 3D shapes
Picture 12 How many faces and corners does a shere have?
Picture 13 Retelling the story of the Gingerbread Man
Picture 14 Retelling the a story using Pie Corbett actions
Picture 15 We made a Tally Chart of our favourite stories
Picture 16 Five Little Men in a Flying Saucer
Picture 17 A Tally Chart to show how we travel to school
Picture 18 transport pictures
Picture 19 We sang the wheels on the bus
Picture 20 Learning through play
Picture 21 We enjoyed making Gingerbread Men
Picture 22 Carefully measuring out ingredients
Picture 23 Mixing the ingredients
Picture 24 We all enjoyed tasting the Gingerbread Men