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Year 6 Leavers party Thursday 18th at 5pm. Year 6 Leavers Assembly Friday 19th July at 9:30am. Last day of Term Friday 19th July at 3:15pm. We return to school on Thursday 5th September. We wish you all safe and relaxing break and look forward to seeing you all in the New Term.


Welcome to Reception!


Your teacher will very soon be filling this page with exciting class news, pictures of things we’ve done and more.


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We say goodbye to Mrs Gurden

We say goodbye to Mrs Gurden 1 We joined in a 'Flashdance' for Mrs Gurden
Picture 1 The Poetry Club performed for Reception
Picture 2 It was a winning performance

Science Week

Science Week 1 Some of Reception's Science Projects
Science Week 2 Owls
Science Week 3 Holding the owl
Science Week 4 We could have a photograph with the owls
Science Week 5 Dinosaurs
Science Week 6 A dinosaur comes to school
Science Week 7 Jack the baby Raptor
Science Week 8 Molly is a T Rex
Science Week 9 Saying hello
Science Week 10 Jaws and Claws
Science Week 11 Bravely touching the Boa Constrictor
Science Week 12 A Tree frog
Science Week 13 Feel the slime of the Giant Snail
Picture 1 On the way to Barleylands
Picture 2 Feeding the animals
Picture 3 The tractor tyre was taller than us!
Picture 4 The Bouncy Pillow was fun
Picture 5 Making a rainbow salad
Picture 6 We saw lots of horses and ponies
Picture 7 The very hungry caterpillars arrive
Picture 8 The caterpillars get very fat
Picture 9 The caterpillars wait in their chysalis
Picture 10 The butterflies are released
Picture 11 Class 1 bean just kept on growing!
Picture 1 Value winners
Picture 2 Enjoying creating a garden area in the playground
Picture 3 Planting some herbs
Picture 4 Watering the plants
Picture 5 Reception Sport's day
Picture 6 Good Balancing
Picture 7 Fast running
Picture 8 Siblings race
Picture 1 Sport's Week Dance Session
Picture 2 Cool moves
Picture 3 Value winner for Bravery
Picture 4 Becoming a character in our favourite Fairy Tale
Picture 5 Value winner for Caring and Respect
Picture 6 Value winner for Quality
Picture 7 Starting our journey ay Upney
Picture 8 Enjoying the tube ride on the District Line
Picture 9 Using our road safety rules
Picture 10 Looking at Upminster High Road
Picture 11 At our destination Upminster Post Office
Picture 12 Waiting for the tube back to school
Picture 13 Retelling the story of Binx the Jinx
Picture 14 Art work inspired by the story Binx the Jinx
Picture 1 Bookmark Competition Winners
Picture 2 Maths Experience
Picture 3 Working on subtraction calculations
Picture 4 Shape pictures
Picture 5 Using our Road Safety rules
Picture 6 STOP
Picture 7 LOOK
Picture 8 LISTEN
Picture 9 Cross at the traffic lights is a safe place
Picture 10 How to use a Zebra Crossing properly
Picture 11 Reception dressed up for World Book Day
Picture 12 Author Michelle Hird read her book
Picture 13 Class Winners of the Vocabulary Parade
Picture 14 Reception winners with author Michelle Hird
Picture 15 She shoved us how she created her illustrations
Picture 16 Author Michelle Hird signed books
Picture 17
Picture 1 The ducks were fast asleep when we visited them
Picture 2 The ducks came to visit Reception
Picture 3 We were very gentlr stroking them.
Picture 4 A Values winner showing Patience
Picture 5 Using cubes to see how tall!
Picture 6 Well done for showing the value Thoughtfullness
Picture 7 School council Spring Term
Picture 8 A Values winner showing Respect
Picture 9 A Values winner showing Thoughtfullness
Picture 10 Using our imagination to create buildings
Picture 11 Making 'paper plate' owls
Picture 12 Sharing a model of the Solar system made at home
Picture 13 Being creative at home a lovely mobile

Meeting Santa

Still image for this video
Picture 1 Reception party day
Picture 2 Disco
Picture 3 Warming up with yoga
Picture 4 Cool Christmas hats
Picture 5 Party tea
Picture 6 Pass the parcel
Picture 7 'Statues' game
Picture 8 Santa visited each Reception class
Picture 9 Father Christmas was asked some tricky questions
Picture 10 Poster competition winner for Responsibility
Picture 1 Sleeping Beauty and the Noisy Prince
Picture 2 Acting as good fairies
Picture 3 Singing with Beauty
Picture 4 Sleeping Beauty slept for 100 years
Picture 5 The Noisy prince asked for help
Picture 6 Enjoying a song with lots of actions
Picture 7 Thank you Barking Dog Theatre Group
Picture 1 Classes 3,4,5, Christmas Concert
Picture 2 Class 4 Poem
Picture 3 Class 3 Reindeer Dance
Picture 4 Class 5 Shine Star Shine
Picture 5 Classes 1&2 Christmas Concert
Picture 6 Class 1 All Around the World
Picture 7 Class 2 Actors for our poem
Picture 8 Class 1 Mince Pie song
Picture 9 Keeping the Beat
Picture 10 Parents attended the Phonics Experience
Picture 11 High frequency and tricky words
Picture 12 Matching CVC words to the correct picture
Picture 13 Caption writing
Picture 14 Celebrating Children in Need
Picture 15 Dance-a-thon for Children in Need
Picture 16 A small selection of Maths Week models
Picture 17 Shape models
Picture 18 Mark Making
Picture 1 Maths Workshop
Picture 2 Looking at the properties of 2D shapes
Picture 3 How can we make 5 squares?
Picture 4 Task completed
Picture 5 Team work constructing a cube
Picture 6
Picture 7 Gymnastics
Picture 8
Picture 9 Value winner for Caring
Picture 10 Autumn Walk
Picture 11 Meeting friends on our walk
Picture 12 Looking at the local amenities
Picture 13 Crossing the road safely
Picture 14 New featurres to improve our environment
Picture 15 Looking for local features e.g. signs, post box
Picture 16 Decorating the diva for Diwali
Picture 17 Manipulating clay to make a diva for Diwali
Picture 18 Value winner for Thoughtfulness
Picture 19 The Mayor talked about her ceremonial robes
Picture 20 The children asked the Mayor lots of questions
Picture 21 Values winner for Co-operation
Picture 22 First days at School
Picture 23 Colour mixing
Picture 24 Construction
Picture 25 Painting
Picture 26 Writing