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The Summer Term starts on the 16th April at 08:55 - we hope you had a fantastic break. Advanced warning… Manor Infants at Sandringham Road will be closed on Thursday 3rd May since the building is being used as a polling station. Manor Longbridge will be open as normal on that day.


Welcome to Reception!


Your teacher will very soon be filling this page with exciting class news, pictures of things we’ve done and more.


Do you have any ideas for this page? Why not let your Teacher know!


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Picture 1 Counting on and back using a programmable toy
Picture 2 Sports Relief 2018
Picture 3 Moving in different ways
Picture 4 D&T- making a bus with moving wheels
Picture 5 Attaching the wheels with a split pin
Picture 6 The finished bus
Picture 7 My bus has lots of passengers
Picture 8 Maths Experience
Picture 9 Adding and taking away
Picture 10 Using counters to help work out the answer
Picture 11 Measuring
Picture 12 Challenge Can you Order 1-20 in three miutes
Picture 13 An observational drawing of a vase of flowers
Picture 14 Freshwater Theatre Company
Picture 15 We joined in acting out Fairytales
Picture 16 Cinderella broke the chair
Picture 17 Climbing down the beanstalk
Picture 18 Starting our journey at Upney Tube Station
Picture 19 Travelling on the new District line train
Picture 20 Arriving at Upminster
Picture 21 Upminster High Street
Picture 22 Reaching our destination
Picture 23 Posting our cards
Picture 1 'Courage' poster competition winners
Picture 2 Dance Workshop
Picture 3 Making new body shapes
Picture 4 Walking like aliens
Picture 5 World Book Day
Picture 6 The Staff dressed up too!
Picture 7 The Gingerbread Man was a popular character!
Picture 8 Have you read the Day the Crayons Quit?
Picture 9 We wrote about a character in a favourite book
Picture 10 We used adjectives to describe the character
Picture 11 Reception learnt how and where to cross the road
Picture 12 How to use the Traffic Light crossing correctly
Picture 13 STOP!
Picture 14 LOOk!
Picture 15 LISTEN!
Picture 16 Celebrating Chinese New Year
Picture 17 Describing how we made lanterns and fans
Picture 18 Gardening
Picture 19 We planted parsley seeds
Picture 20 Watering the seeds
Picture 21 Some of the great 3D models for Maths week
Picture 22 Seeing double
Picture 23 Captain Morgan visited for maths week
Picture 24 Trying to be a rectangle
Picture 1 Enjoying Art Club
Picture 2 Phonics Experience
Picture 3 Parents enjoyed joining in phonic activities
Picture 4 Shape Aliens
Picture 5 Mixed media picture
Picture 6 !00% Attendence
Picture 7 Reception Christmas Party
Picture 8 Lots of dancing
Picture 9 Party games
Picture 10 Party Tea
Picture 11 Everyone had fun
Picture 12 Santa enjoyed a song about Reindeers
Picture 13 Santa answered some tricky questions
Picture 14 Pastor Johnny talked about the Nativity
Picture 15 Barking Dog Theatre Group
Picture 16 Everyone enjoyed joining in with the songs
Picture 17 Reception Christmas Concert was very joyful
Picture 18 Reception Christmas concert All around the World
Picture 19 Christmas concert musicans
Picture 20 Keeping the beat
Picture 21 Elves working hard for Christmas
Picture 22 Christmas conga
Picture 23 Reindeer dance
Picture 24 Winners of the Values poster competition
Picture 25 Supporting Children in Need
Picture 26 Dance-a-thon
Picture 27 Warm up
Picture 28 Musical statues
Picture 29 The 'Dance off'
Picture 30 Colour mixing
Picture 31 Self portraits
Picture 32
Picture 1 Autumn Walk
Picture 2 Looking at the local area
Picture 3 Have you visited the shops at Faircross?
Picture 4 Crossing the road safely
Picture 5 We all enjoyed our walk
Picture 6 Sharing resources in the sand area
Picture 7 Being creative with construction
Picture 8 Exploring programmes on the Learn Pads
Picture 9 Making friends
Picture 10 On a shape hunt
Picture 11 Receptions first Values ticket winner
Picture 12 Autumn Term School Council
Picture 1 International Dress Up Day Class 1
Picture 2 Class 2
Picture 3 Class 3
Picture 4 Class 4
Picture 5 Class 5
Picture 6 Celebrating Diwali
Picture 7 Sir Linkalot thinks about words and sounds
Picture 8 Finding our coat peg names
Picture 9 A tour around School.
Picture 10 Using tools and cutters with playdough
Picture 11 Very busy in the home area
Picture 12 Constructing using Lego
Picture 13 Colour mixing using primary colours