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School is now closed for the Summer Holiday. School reopens for pupils on Tuesday 5th September. HAPPY HOLIDAYS !!


Welcome to Reception!


Your teacher will very soon be filling this page with exciting class news, pictures of things we’ve done and more.


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Picture 1 End of Year Party
Picture 2 Party tea
Picture 3 Pass the Parcel
Picture 4 Playing Statues
Picture 5 100% Attendance for Term
Picture 6 100% Attendancce for Year
Picture 7 Top Table Award for Reading
Picture 8 Singing a favourite song for Mrs McGoirrighan
Picture 1 Harvesting the potato crop
Picture 2 Lots of potatoes to weigh
Picture 3 Enjoying milshakes
Picture 4 Making crafts for Eid
Picture 5 Barleylands Farm
Picture 6 Having a go at milking a cow
Picture 7 Discovering how farming has changed
Picture 8 Enjoying making bread rolls
Picture 9 The famous sheep race
Picture 10 On the tractor ride
Picture 11 The bouncy pillow
Picture 12 Seeing new animals - Alpacca
Picture 1 Looking at the Lifecycle of a caterpillar
Picture 2 The caterpillars created their cocoons
Picture 3 Out of cocoons came the butterflies
Picture 4 The butterflies are released
Picture 5 Learning facts about owls
Picture 6 The owl's feathers are very soft
Picture 7 Can you see the owl flying across the room?
Picture 8 The owl has a very large wing span
Picture 9 Jaws and Claws
Picture 10 The gianr snail was a bit slimy
Picture 11 The snake felt cool to touch
Picture 12 The Tenrec was shy at first
Picture 13 We were very gentle
Picture 14 Lola the Turtle
Picture 15 SportsDay
Picture 16 Hurdle Race
Picture 17 Pass the Jacket
Picture 18 Excellent balancing
Picture 19 Sports Week - Playing Boccia
Picture 20 Kurling - we tried to score points
Picture 1 Gardening
Picture 2 Preparing the pot
Picture 3 Getting ready to plant a cucumber seed
Picture 4 The Junk Modelling Band
Picture 5 Enjoying Multi Sports club
Picture 6 Body Maths.
Picture 7 Mixing ingredients to make Gingerbread Men
Picture 8 Rolling out the dough
Picture 9 Using a cutter to shape the Gingerbread Men
Picture 10 Placing on a baking tray ready to cook
Picture 11 Learning different ways to make 10
Picture 12 Enjoying the gingerbread Men. Snap!
Picture 13 Planting potatoes
Picture 14 The potatoes are put in soil and covered
Picture 15 Transport -creating different ways of moving
Picture 1 We can say 'Hello' in different languages
Picture 2 Retelling a favourite story
Picture 3 Recalling facts about the Solar System
Picture 4 Reception Assembly
Picture 5 Art club
Picture 6 Having fun on Red Nose Day
Picture 7 Enjoying a story
Picture 8 Leaving Upminster to return to S
Picture 9 At the start of our journey at Upney station
Picture 10 Seating safely on the train
Picture 11 Waiting for the Tube Train to Upminster
Picture 12 Finding lots of shops at Upminster
Picture 13 Posting our Mothers Day Cards
Picture 14 Freshwater Theatre Drama Workshop
Picture 15 It was great fun.
Picture 16 Acting as a character
Picture 17 STOP!
Picture 18 LOOK!
Picture 19 LISTEN!
Picture 20 Learning how to cross the road safely
Picture 21 Celebrating World book Day
Picture 22 Dressing up as a favourite book character.
Picture 23 Lots of parents supported the Maths Experien
Picture 24 Maths Experience - adding.
Picture 25 Finding the missing number.
Picture 1 Celebrating Chinese New Year
Picture 2 'Space dance' combining movement and music
Picture 3 Weighing out ingedients
Picture 4 The cake is ready for the oven
Picture 5 We mixed the ingedients very well
Picture 6 We had to be careful not to get any shell in our c
Picture 7 The eggs were too heavy
Picture 8 Weighing butter was hard - It stuck to the spoon
Picture 9 Balancing ingredients on the scales
Picture 10 Twinkle Twinkle Christmas Star
Picture 11 Threading clourful beads to make a bracelet
Picture 12 We sang Santa a special song
Picture 13 Santa was asked lots of questions
Picture 14 The Reindeer Dance
Picture 15 The Elves worked hard to make presents
Picture 16 The Dwarves left a terrible mess
Picture 17 The Barking Dog Theatre Group
Picture 18 Spotting the Upney tube station and busstops
Picture 19 Snow White married Prince Handsome
Picture 20 Singing Happy Birthday to our class puppet
Picture 21 Santa brought a friend called Leo
Picture 22 Receptions first values prize winner
Picture 23 Pudsey enjoyed the Dance-a-thon
Picture 24 Pudsey and Nelson stretched out after dancing
Picture 25 Nelson enjoyed dancing on his 5th Birthday
Picture 26 Mrs Gurden enjoyed a slice of cake
Picture 27 Mince Pie Song
Picture 28 Making music
Picture 29 Making colourful bracelets
Picture 30 Lots of dancing at the Christmas party
Picture 31 Learning an African dance
Picture 32 Jingle Bells
Picture 33 Jingle Bells
Picture 34 Helping Snow White
Picture 35 Good moves
Picture 36 Enjoyiong discovering our local area
Picture 37 Enjoying our Party tea
Picture 38 Enjoying a song
Picture 39 Classes 3,4 & 5 Christmas Concert
Picture 40 Friendship Poster Winner
Picture 41 Dressing up for Children in Need
Picture 42 Creating a numberline
Picture 43 Class 2 Christmas Concert
Picture 44 Class 1 and
Picture 45 Christmas Crackers
Picture 46 Celebrating Black History Month
Picture 47 Bang went the Christnas cracker
Picture 48 Counting to ten
Picture 49 Role play
Picture 50 Enjoying a story
Picture 51 Finding our coat pegs
Picture 52 Finding shapes our enviroment
Picture 53 First day at School
Picture 54 Introducing ourselves. My name is...
Picture 55 Making shapes
Picture 56 Small world play