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Your teacher will very soon be filling this page with exciting class news, pictures of things we’ve done and more.


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Picture 1 AM Ladybirds and Caterpillars Summer concert
Picture 2 We enjoyed joining in the actions
Picture 3 PM Ladybirds and Caterpillars Summer Concert
Picture 4 We sang number songs
Picture 5 AM Butterflies, Spiders, BumbleBees Summer Concert
Picture 6 We sang in French and English
Picture 7 PM Butterflies, Spiders, BumbleBees Summer Concert
Picture 8 Mr Fox came strolling along
Picture 1 Nursery AM Sport's Day
Picture 2 The Egg and Spoon Race
Picture 3 AM Nursery rehydrated with water
Picture 4 Nursery PM Sport's Day
Picture 5 The Hoop Race
Picture 6 PM Nursery drank lots of water inbetween races.
Picture 1 Science Week - Its only water or is it?
Picture 2 Nursery enjoyed the water show
Picture 3 Explaining why a nappy can hold a lot of liquid
Picture 4 Helping with an experiment
Picture 5 Adding water
Picture 6 And something special!
Picture 7 The tubes went pop!
Picture 8 Science Week - Bubble show
Picture 9 Forming big bubbles
Picture 10 Can a bubble get even bigger?
Picture 11 Yes it can!
Picture 1 Dressing up for the Royal Wedding
Picture 2 We all wore red, white and blue!
Picture 3 We learnt about the Life Cycle of a Chick
Picture 4 The boy chicks are yellow
Picture 5 Brown chicks are girls
Picture 6 We held the chicks very gently
Picture 7 Shape pictures for Maths Week
Picture 8 Can you name the shapes used in the pictures
Picture 9 Lots of ideas for shape pictures
Picture 10 Rangoli Patterns
Picture 11 10 Little Fingers
Picture 12 Mixing our favourite powder paint colour
Picture 13 Mark making with paint
Picture 14 Having fun painting with our feet
Picture 15 Lots of Little Toes
Picture 16 D&T - Exploring how we can join shapes
Picture 17 D&T - joining shapes
Picture 18 Freshwater Theatre Company
Picture 19 World Book Day
Picture 20 World Book Day

Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea 1
Afternoon Tea 2
Afternoon Tea 3
Afternoon Tea 4
Afternoon Tea 5
Afternoon Tea 6
Afternoon Tea 7
Afternoon Tea 8
Afternoon Tea 9
Afternoon Tea 10
Afternoon Tea 11
Afternoon Tea 12
Afternoon Tea 13
Afternoon Tea 14
Afternoon Tea 15
Afternoon Tea 16
Afternoon Tea 17
Afternoon Tea 18
Afternoon Tea 19
Afternoon Tea 20
Picture 1 Enjoying singing songs
Picture 2 Getting ready to sing Jingle Bells
Picture 3 Noisy Neighbours
Picture 4 Spider, Butterfly & Caterpillar AM Concert
Picture 5 Lots of actions
Picture 6 Soider, Caterpillar & Butterfly PM Concert
Picture 7 Signing Father Christmas
Picture 8 Bumblebee & Ladybird AM Christmas Concert
Picture 9 We made Christmas hats
Picture 10 Getting ready to sing Jingle Bells
Picture 11 Bumblebee & Ladybrd PM Christmas Concert
Picture 12 Joining in with actions
Picture 13 Singing when Santa got stuck up ther Chimney
Picture 14 Children in Need Bumble Bee AM
Picture 15 Children in Need Butterfly AM
Picture 16 Butterfly PM
Picture 17 Children in Need Caterpillar AM
Picture 18 Caterpillar PM
Picture 19 Childen in Need Spider PM
Picture 1 Using our light toys
Picture 2 Constructing with a purpose
Picture 3 Making porridge
Picture 4 Cooking porridge in the microwave
Picture 5 It tasted good
Picture 6 Sharing books together
Picture 7 Enjoying storytime
Picture 8 Exploring equipoment
Picture 9 Making patterns
Picture 10 Mark making
Picture 11 Practising our fine motor skills
Picture 12 Protecting our clothes when playing in the water